Food Categoriser (Data Entry) (Remote)

Preferable Location: Philippines   |   Full Time

Food Categoriser (Data Entry) FULL-TIME ROLE

Foodstyles is a new and disruptive food tech company on a mission to document the world's food. We aim to list every ingredient on every menu so that our users can be hyper-specific about what they want to eat and find that food.

We are searching for people who have a deep understanding of food ingredients and how food is prepared and cooked.

Main responsibilities


As a freelance food categoriser, you will be working remotely daily and collaborate with our team. You will be given a list of restaurants and their menus and will be required to list every ingredient that is used in a dish based on the restaurant’s menu using our tools. You should also be able to categorise these dishes based on the company’s categorisation system.


Ideal Candidate should possess the following:


  1. MUST have the following:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management, Food Technology, Nutrition or a Diploma in Culinary Arts.

  • Had at least 1 year of experience of supervisory or management

  • Direct experience working with ingredients, dishes and menus

  • Ability to break down dishes and recipes into ingredients and components

  • A deep understanding of food ingredients and diet relationship

  • Experience with Western, Eastern and Middle Eastern menus, dishes, and recipes

  • Experience with creating menus and developing recipes

  • A deep understanding of how dietary and allergy requirements affect the composition of a dish.

  1. Ability to handle multiple projects and tasks 

  2. Have a desire to work with a forward-thinking and disruptive food-tech startup

  3. Forward-thinking who can suggest new ways of defining and understanding food and recipes, also can help to improve the internal categorisation system

  4. Have the ability to work remotely and to be self-motivating (as our HQ is based in London), and can converse well in English.

  5. You need to have strong attention to detail.

  6. Familiar with Microsoft Office (Word/ Excel etc)/ Google Chrome/ Slack.




FULL TIME (with optional overtime)


Salary: PHP 23,000.00 to 30,000.00 (based on experience)

If you are looking for a new position with more flexibility and working on a really amazing project, please get in touch.

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